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08 December 2013

My Mini Concert

Tonight I went with some friends to the Riverwoods.  Its all decorated for Christmas.  LIGHTS everywhere.  It is pretty sweet.

We were huddled around a fire listening to a lady sing Christmas carols.  I made a joke about how I should go over and ask to sing with her.  My friends laughed, but then I decided to do it.

"Hi! You sound great! Do you take requests?"
"Well, if I have it.  What do you want?"
"To sing with you."

So she invited me to come up and sing.  After each song she would say: What do you want to sing now? We sang together for about forty minutes.

It was pretty fun to be up on the stage.  It was really cold though and it started snowing.

< pics or it didn't happen.  They are coming okay? haha >

I'm confused because I feel like in the movies, when this kind of thing happens, the guy goes home with a cute girl.  Well, I did go home with my sister but its not what I was expecting. Oh well, she's still cool.

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