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07 December 2013

My Hair

I like my hair.  I was up late one night and a hair loss commercial came on the television.  I suppose rather that it was a hair restoration video, because very few people would purchase a hair loss product.

One day, my hair will be gone...

I have heard most people say baldness comes from your mother's side of the family, but apparently it comes form both sides.  In my family tree, all of my male ancestors on either side are bald in every picture I've seen.  I can only assume this goes all the way back to Adam.

My dad always says, "God could only bless so many people with perfect heads, the rest he had to cover with hair."

I've died my hair red twice.  It was pretty awesome, both times.

If you want to know what I'll look like bald, feel free to just put your finger over this picture.

Stay sexy.

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