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29 January 2013

My 2.0

So this semester is a pretty exciting one for me.  Because I'm in college, I decided I'd take everything about myself and make it better.  Let's look at a few of these things shall we?

What probably brought you hear was my weight loss comment.  I've been formulating a workout/ eating schedule because I have a goal to lose weight.  I weighed in last week at 339 lb. and this morning the scale read 328 lb.   I wanted to weigh in tomorrow but I was to excited to check because I knew I had dropped quite a bit.  I have been going to the gym early in the morning and therefore going to bed earlier.  I've been eating healthily, don't worry people I'm not starving myself; I still eat plenty of food, trust me.  I maintain a good balance of carbs and protein to keep my metabolism revved up throughout the day, and enough protein to compliment m weight workouts.  I imagine this will help me with some of these other goals that follow too.

This semester I'm taking classical voice lessons.  First, I'd like to share how grateful I am for the vocal training an experience I have obtained from working with Mr. Tutwiler and Mr. Keirstead at Hylton.  My vocal coach is continually impressed by how much I already know.  That being said, I hope to just get even better.

I'm also taking an advanced volleyball course this semester.  My coach Lee Jay is so great.  He's a no nonsense kind of guy when it comes to volleyball.  We literally run drills all of class.  It's like we're training for competitive play.  I love it.  I'm so glad that he critiques our form because mine needs it.
This is a picture of my roommate and I with the BYU Men's Volleyball Team, currently ranked no. 1 in the nation.  They inspire me to work and play hard whenever I watch their games.

Anyway, by the time I go back to Virginia in April, I'll have had this extra dose of awesome.  :D

Feel free to ask me how my fitness goals are going.  You know, keep me accountable and whatnot.

Love you guys!

Oh, and if you are female, please consider submitting an application for my Valentine competition.  Just clink the picture of my precious baby sister at the top of the page. :D

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