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29 December 2012

My Kidding Around About the Diet

So, you've probably figured out by now that my diet hasn't been going great... since I never came on here to tell you ow great it was going.  I do intend to continue to change my eating habits though, and working out has been great.

My Miserables

I saw Les Miserables for te second time today.  The music is incredibly inspiring to me.  It literally made me rethink my life and change my goals about where I'm headed academically.   Thanks Schonberg.

10 December 2012

My Soreness

So today was my first 'day after lifting weights' for a long time. Such a good feeling, so annoying. I think the worst moment for me was when I tried to pull open a locked door,

Today, I pulled up Netflix but I wanted to study my scriptures more than watch a TV show. The only problem was, I was going to pull up Netflix to listen to something while I showered after my workout, not exactly a convinient time for me to study. I was surprised that I felt that way though. I know it's a good thing, don't get me wrong, but I love being lazy. Maybe this workout thing is taking a toll on my mind too... Haha

05 December 2012

My Beginning

So if you want any more info about the program I'm following check out

A number of years ago I based my workouts around the Training-for-Life method but i didn't stick to the Eating-for-life as well as I could have.

One thing I like about this eating plan is that it gives you a day off every week where you can eat whatever you want.  In that sense, I guess you could say that I started today and had a day off, I did work out after all. ;)

I mean, check out that sweat on the ground, oh yeah! Anyway, I bought healthy food to eat.  So I "officially"start tomorrow, or today when this posts I suppose.

Let's do it!!! :D

04 December 2012

My Reasons

It's 1:05 am this morning and I am currently reading Body for Life by Bill Phillips. Once upon a time, I weighed 340 pounds and I needed to get my weight down to 296 so that I would be able to serve a full time mission for the church. It took a few months but I made the change. I actually used this blog back then to update who knows who on my progress.

I want to make the change again. The last couple days, as I've looked at pictures, even from within the last year I've thought, 'man, I used to be so much thinner and so much more attractive.' Not that I'm unattractive, lets be real ;) haha but seriously I'm like... What have I been doing?

I'd like to share this experience with anyone who is interested.

What are your reasons for making the decision to change?
1) My physical appearance has a great impact on my negative self perception
2) I will feel better for holding myself accountable to the knowledge I possess
3) I want to be able to dunk a basketball
4) I want to have a nice vert to be able to hit and block in volleyball
5) I'd like to be even sexier
6) I'd like to not feel limited or constrained from a physical activity
7) How will I inspire others if I can't make changes in my own life?
8) Other decisions in my life will be easier once I am in control of this aspect of my life
9) I want to set an example for my family
10) A lot of people think I'm cool, I want to think that I am really cool

What are the five most important specific accomplishments you need to make in the next 12 weeks for you to be pleased with the progress of your body and life?
1) I want dunk a basketball.
2) I want to get on a scale and cheer or cry from being overwhelmed with the change I made.
3) I want to motivate someone else to make a change their life.
4) I want to weigh less than 300 pounds.
5) I want to break dance.

I suppose this isn't important but i also want a girl to be attracted to me based solely on my appearance.

When people guess my weight, they usually range between 250 and 270. In reality, I currently weigh 328 pounds. Although I carry it well, I am definitely overweight. 270 is my ideal weight. The last time I weighed that much, I was probably in high school, at least five years ago, and I wasn't very in shape for that height weight ratio either.

So, please feel free to encourage me, I hope to be starting this again in the next few days.

Also, I included this drawing I did for tummy just for fun. :D