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08 July 2012

My Visor

I am a visor guy for sure. Let me tell you, I love my hair. My entire life I've grown up with the fear that I will lose my hair. My father and both my grandfathers have/had no hair on top of their heads. Everyone says that baldness comes from your mom's side of the family. Whatever the case, as far as I know, all my patriarchal ancestors back to Adam are bald.

Anyway, I like my hair. I'm not a big fan of hats, because I like to style my hair with product. Sweat and gel in a hat... Not my favorite idea. I think my hair looks dumb when it's down. So, I style my hair.

Check it, with a visor, I can style my hair AND still have shade. Muahahaha. Although, I'm a big fan of the backwards visor, which doesn't give
Much shade anyway. It's just a me thing I guess.

So a few weeks ago, one of my coworkers locked her keys into her car. I looked up how to break into a car on YouTube. Long story short, I got into her car. The relevant part of this story is that I used her work hat to protect the paint on her car from the wedge. That hat got holes ripped into it, so I cut it up and sewed it down turning it into a visor. No joke, it was pretty good. I surprised and impressed myself.

With my new visor, I felt way more confident and comfortable working. Then guess what happene:. Batman stole my visor. I'm not even kidding. I went on Batman the Ride at Six Flags and the G-forces lifted my visor right off my head. Crazy huh? So I was really bummed.

The good news is, ever since I stopped wearing my visor out on the doors, people have been much more responsive to me. I think a big part of it is that they look at my eyes now instead of at my visor. I've gotten a sale a day for the last two days. In my kind I feel like it can't be making that much of a difference, but for some reason it does. What a joke... Hahaha

What lesson can we learn from this? Sometimes you have to abandon or sacrifice things that you like in order to achieve your goals. Wearing a visor isn't bad, but it sent a message to potential customers that didn't fit my sales style. Funny how that works.

When we choose something, we are always choosing against something else. It isn't always between right and wrong as in the case of the visor. When I choose to wear the visor, I am choosing to not not wear the visor. You're probably thinking, well duh...
but then, you probably don't know much about truth functional logic. I just feel better saying it that way.

V :: ~~V

The same is true with how we use our time. I like playing video games, and not every video game is inherently evil, just QWOP, although most are pretty time wasting.

In the 7 Habits or Highly Effective People book it talks about using our time wisely by prioritizing so that we do things that are important but not urgent. These are things that if done regularly will improve the quality of our lives. Often we know these things will be beneficial to us, but we choose other activities. When we choose one activity, we are choosing against another.

Life is short. What are our most worthwhile activities? Let's do those! What is most important to you? Let it drive you. :D

I miss my visor, but Batman showed me that in order to get ahead, I needed to uncover mine. I'm grateful that I lost it now, because things have been better for me.

What is one thing that if you did it on a regular basis would greatly improve the quality of your life? Get off Facebook and go make it happen today. Note how you feel after, especially how you feel about yourself for making and keeping a personal promise. Let me know how it goes.  I guarantee you will feel better than that guy. --->


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