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15 July 2012

My Trip to NY 2012

I left from East Brunswick with Q$ and Ben from The Ben and Ben Show. We picked up another friend, who we will call "Mike," but who is a girl, and we embarked on an epic journey toward Palmyra, NY.

As we travelled up Mike told me that I should write music, so I worked on writing a song on GarageBand. I'm actually sort of impressed with myself with how it has turned out so far. You can here part of it on this video.. On the way up Mike also complained the whole time about how we weren't talking to her. Which is ironic because we were talking to her about talking every time she brought it up.

Anyway, we got to the Hill Cumorah right in time for the opening prayer. The pageant was wonderful. I tweeted about it. #hillcumorah I decided that I'm never going to go again, unless I have a nonmember or recent convert with me. Also, I might go again if I'm married.

After the pageant we went to McDonalds where I threw away anti-mormon literature. I realized this year that half the stuff that the protestors are yelling is true doctrine. Kinda funny if you ask me.

We went to the campground and we slept on the ground. I liked being able to look up at the stars in the night sky. I actually saw a shooting star. I wished that Syntax Error 48291.42.

In the morning we went to church in Palmyra where we heard the former Provo Mission President.

Then we drove home.