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25 July 2012

My Recommendation: We Shot the Moon

UPDATED 18 August 2012
Here is a link to purchase Love and Fear. Enjoy.

A couple years ago, I went with my roommates to a Sherwood concert in Midvale, UT at the Circuit.  I was particularly impressed by an Indie Pop Rock band called We Shot the Moon headed byJonathan Jones.  I liked them so much that I went and saw them again the next year when they were near my hometown in Virginia.  I have a great love for music and I like a lot of bands, but there are only two bands that I've bought a shirt from, and this is one of them.

I currently own both of their albums and EPs.  They have a new album coming out on August 14th which I am definitely looking forward to.  It is called Love and Fear.  Their first full album was called Fear and Love and it is still my favorite.  If you'd like to hear what they sound like, their second full album is available FOR FREE on noisetrade right now.  I mean, I bought it a while ago, and if you know me, you know I love free stuff. :D

Go check it out and you can pre-order their new album too.  Know anyone else who might like this?  Please share this post with them.

Click here for the download: 
(it only requires an email address)

You can follow @weshotthemoon on twitter.
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