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10 July 2012

My Indian Friends

I wish I could describe for you just how difficult this job can be. Today was no exception. I'll share this with you: I've never made a sale on a Tuesday the entire summer. This was brought to my attention last night when met with my manager and we looked at my stats. It's not a mental barrier or anything, its just worked out that way.

So today I set out to change that. Hour after hour I knocked door after door. Nothing. I stopped for lunch with my coworker and I went to a different part of my area to work. This time I just got doors shut in my face continually and some people wouldn't even open their doors. Honestly, it was frustrating I like to keep a positive attitude but my esteem was just getting worn on and on.

Sometimes it is hard to choose to have a good attitude. Sometimes it's hard to choose to have a good bad day.

What was worst was that I had no where to channel my negativity. I would just keep trying to shake it off. "Just do the next door." "Just keep going." "I can do this, I can do this I can do this." The mental war was tough, especially when people are treating you like you're an annoyance. It would have been so easy to just sit on the curb and have the same results as knocking all of those doors.

At 8PM I decided that I would take a bathroom break. I went to Laurel Acres Park across the street from my area. I walked out and sat on a bench for a moment looking out at the lake and fountain and taking a moment to breath.

That's when I heard it. The sounds of a volleyball hitting hands and arms. I ventured over to the court and asked if I could join in. It was me and five Indians against six Indians. There were a couple decent players in the group but my skills stuck out like a six foot three white guy playing volleyball with a bunch of Indians.

All of the mental anguish and emotional taxing vanished as I found a place to channel my grief. We won all three games I played. I thanked them all and shook their hands. Then I stood next to a picnic table and danced to Skrillex while I waited for my ride. People watched me as they walked by and one lady actually applauded me.

As i said earlier, sometimes it is hard to choose to have a good attitude and sometimes it's hard to choose to have a good bad day, but that doesn't mean you can't make something worthwhile occur. We are children of God, the great Creator. One thing that sets us apart from His other creations on Earth is that we are made in His image and likeness. We like our Father are capable of creation. We can create opportunities and make memories on a daily basis.

Although I felt rotten all day, I chose to make the most of it. Heck, when we got home, I showered all the sand off me (such a great feeling by the way) and went out to get a pizza from Papa John's. It was a large pie topped with Canadian bacon, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and Canadian bacon. We are getting a free pizza soon because we bought that one today. :D

Create. Don't let life happen to you. Get out their and live.

Photo of Laurel Acres Park

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