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07 July 2012

My Gwen Stacy

When it comes to relationships, it is important that each partner recognizes and appreciates the strengths of the other. Let's look at Gwen Stacy, especially the one plays by Emma Stone. ;D She dated both Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn but ultimately falls in love with Peter Parker because of his intellectual personality. She is a science major and basically a nerd right? Both she and Peter are very intelligent and therefore they could each appreciate the intelligence of the other. In my opinion this makes them an ideal match.

So, my Gwen Stacy. She isn't afraid to dance and sing, she likes making other people happy, and she loves the scriptures. My Gwen Stacy has a passion for life and wants to create memorable moments. She is also super cute. Attractive, yes, but I mean cute like makes me smile.

Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spiderman (2012) made me reevaluate my standards.  Dude, have you seen that movie?  Super cute.  If I had a girl treating me the way that Gwen was treating Peter in that movie, I'd be smiling all the time. :D  Anyway, the movie Gwen was supposed to be seventeen, but I felt like her character was much more mature.  I don't mind that.  How could a girl shuffling her feet like that not make me smile?

If you haven't read the Spiderman comics, then you don't know that Gwen gets thrown off the George Washington Bridge by the Green Goblin.  As she falls, Spiderman webs her, and catches her leg.  Unfortunately, she died from getting whiplashed... lame.  Hopefully that doesn't happen to my Gwen Stacy. :( haha

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