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20 March 2012

My Special Delivery

Last Friday night at the Harris Fine Arts Center there was a big party called night at Night at the HFAC. There were a bunch of cookies that were left over and they were given to the ticket office.  

I took the remaining cookies, probably more than a hundred and gave them to people on my walk home from work.  I gave three away before I left the HFAC.  As I walked home, it was interesting to see people's reactions to receiving or not receiving a cookie.  Those who took a cookie were extremely gracious and for those who did not accept a ticket they felt the need to give me an explanation.  I repeatedly stated that I wouldn't be offended if they didn't take a cookie.

One of my favorite stops on the way home was at Pizza Hut.  I gave cookies to all of the employees on duty as well as some of the patrons waiting for their food.  My favorite moment was when the parents of a family of four, who spoke Spanish, said that I could give cookies two their two little kids.  Their children's eyes lit up as they eagerly thanked me for the galletas.  The joy in those kids eyes... man, that was sweet.

This was on St. Patrick's Day by the way, and because of that, as I was walking through the Riviera, I knocked on the door of some unsuspecting girls.  I chose this apartment because they had painted St. Patrick's Day decorations on their windows. I was delighted to discover that one of the girls who lived there is in my volleyball class. They were watching Psych. They were so excited to get cookies and to know that their decorations were appreciated.

As I walked into my apartment complex I had only a few cookies left. By the time I reached my door I only had three. I shared them with my roommate.

I can't tell you how happy I was to give those cookies away. I mean, sure I would have been happy to eat them myself... Plus this week I'm broke so that could have been my food for the week... But doing that service brought me more satisfaction than eating them ever could have. :D

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