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22 March 2012

My Presentation

My roommates and I were asked to rap and beatbox at a modesty luau that one of our ward relief societies was putting on. My roommates fell through... so I ended up at the activity without them. I'm up for a challenge, but I didn't think that trying to beatbox and rap at the same time would go over very well.

Instead, I gift wrapped a box and said, they asked me to rap but there was some kind of miscommunication. I then shared from the following comments:

"Your body is God's sacred creation. Respect it as a gift from God..." -For the Strength of the Youth

The way that a gift is wrapped is a reflection of what is on the inside.

Don't lower your wrapping standards for any occasion.

The wrapping shouldn't be revealing in any way, it will ruin the surprise.

Don't wrap it too tight because it might rip. Also sometimes people can figure out what a gift is if it is wrapped too tight.

Don't wrap it too loose because the wrapping could fall off.

Accessories are often appropriate but avoid extremes.  One modest pair of bows is suitable for all occasions.

Avoid sloppiness or inappropriately casual gift wrap.  Gift bags are the sweatpants of gift wrap, they are appropriate for certain occasions.

Ask yourself, "would I feel comfortable giving this present to my bishop?"

Gift wrapping should prepare you to wrap presents for your friends when they get married.

Dressing appropriately for certain occasions.

A couple more words I would like to add here about modesty.  Thank you women, and men too I guess, for dressing modestly. Although I don't often say it, I do appreciate your efforts to dress appropriately.  You'll often here girls greet each other saying "Wow, you look so cute today" or make a comment about appearance in general.  Guys, on the other hand, don't tend to say such things and I am no exception.  It is easy to notice someone who is dressed immodestly.  Please don't feel that your efforts are unrecognized.  I tend to pay more attention to a girl's eyes and smile than her outfit.  I'll try to be better about recognizing your awesome outfits.  I know you put a lot of effort into choosing them. :D

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