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25 March 2012

My Contribution

So tonight I had the opportunity to beatbox at the White Chocolate Benefit Concert. I also helped with the set up and striking if the stage. I got a lot of compliments so thanks for those! :D

OnMonday I'll be auditioning for BYU Vocal Point. I went and saw them today and felt like I would really enjoy the opportunity to participate in something like that. I talked to Tanner, the current vocal percussionist, the other day. He told me that he might not be doing Vocal Point next year. So, I have high hopes for my audition.

I don't consider myself an incredible vocal percussionist, mostly because I don't know what I actually sound like when I beatbox... Haha. I think of myself as improving. Anyway, wish me luck? :D

Great job tonight White Chocolate!!!

24 March 2012

White Chocolate Benefit Concert

Please share this with your friends!!!

Come to Spoon It Up in Provo,UT at 6PM tonight to this free concert!  White Chocolate is raising money for Kassidy Pendleton.  Kassidy is a student at Utah Valley University and a personal friend of White Chocolate.  Kassidy has been battling a rare form of leukemia for three years.  She has been through many stages of treatment, but all have failed thus far.  All money raised at this benefit concert will help Kassidy and her family pay for the continued treatment of this illness and will demonstrate the community's support of her fight.

Donations will be collected at the event, or can be sent to 1981 N 110 W #136 Provo, UT 84604

There will be a raffle for prizes from Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, and Gold's Gym.  You don't have to be present to win.  Raffle tickets are $5 and $10 dollars.  Once again, all proceeds go to Kassidy.

I'll be featured as a vocal percussionist on a couple of White Chocolate's songs.  If you have questions tweet me! :D

23 March 2012

My Addiction

Drugs are expensive.
Sushi is expensive.
Therefore, sushi is a drug.

This is an invalid argument, but it doesn't change my opinion.

I've never been much of a seafood person.  I remember going on vacation with my family in New Jersey.  Every year when we did this, my mom and sister would always have a special seafood date.  I never cared for any of the food that they were eating.  Don't get me wrong, I love fish sticks.  Love love love fish sticks.  (It's like a chicken nugget but a different flavor!)  Also, I liked eating tunafish sandwiches... It took me a while to bring myself to try salmon.  When I did, I didn't really like it but now I do, I'm not sure when that change happened.

My first exposure to sushi was in California.  I was serving as a missionary in La Verne, California and was taken to a restaurant called Shogun.  I had my first spicy tuna roll there and I've never looked back.

I haven't had a lot of experience with sushi but from the experiences I have had, I love it.  I often crave it.

Lately I've been getting sushi at a place called Sushi Ya in Orem.  According to my knowledge, not a single person who works there is Japanese.  I'm certainly not complaining, everything on the sushi menu (well... almost everything) is very good.

These are my favorite rolls to get there:
(this is only off the lunch menu)
Spicy Tuna
New Orleans
Crystal Shrimp
Summer - my "dessert" sushi

And Nigiri:
Upside Down Shrimp

There are honestly only a couple of rolls there that I didn't care for... but they were on the dinner menu anyway.  So, go with me sometime?  All You Can Eat Lunch is $13.95. :D

22 March 2012

My Presentation

My roommates and I were asked to rap and beatbox at a modesty luau that one of our ward relief societies was putting on. My roommates fell through... so I ended up at the activity without them. I'm up for a challenge, but I didn't think that trying to beatbox and rap at the same time would go over very well.

Instead, I gift wrapped a box and said, they asked me to rap but there was some kind of miscommunication. I then shared from the following comments:

"Your body is God's sacred creation. Respect it as a gift from God..." -For the Strength of the Youth

The way that a gift is wrapped is a reflection of what is on the inside.

Don't lower your wrapping standards for any occasion.

The wrapping shouldn't be revealing in any way, it will ruin the surprise.

Don't wrap it too tight because it might rip. Also sometimes people can figure out what a gift is if it is wrapped too tight.

Don't wrap it too loose because the wrapping could fall off.

Accessories are often appropriate but avoid extremes.  One modest pair of bows is suitable for all occasions.

Avoid sloppiness or inappropriately casual gift wrap.  Gift bags are the sweatpants of gift wrap, they are appropriate for certain occasions.

Ask yourself, "would I feel comfortable giving this present to my bishop?"

Gift wrapping should prepare you to wrap presents for your friends when they get married.

Dressing appropriately for certain occasions.

A couple more words I would like to add here about modesty.  Thank you women, and men too I guess, for dressing modestly. Although I don't often say it, I do appreciate your efforts to dress appropriately.  You'll often here girls greet each other saying "Wow, you look so cute today" or make a comment about appearance in general.  Guys, on the other hand, don't tend to say such things and I am no exception.  It is easy to notice someone who is dressed immodestly.  Please don't feel that your efforts are unrecognized.  I tend to pay more attention to a girl's eyes and smile than her outfit.  I'll try to be better about recognizing your awesome outfits.  I know you put a lot of effort into choosing them. :D

20 March 2012

My Special Delivery

Last Friday night at the Harris Fine Arts Center there was a big party called night at Night at the HFAC. There were a bunch of cookies that were left over and they were given to the ticket office.  

I took the remaining cookies, probably more than a hundred and gave them to people on my walk home from work.  I gave three away before I left the HFAC.  As I walked home, it was interesting to see people's reactions to receiving or not receiving a cookie.  Those who took a cookie were extremely gracious and for those who did not accept a ticket they felt the need to give me an explanation.  I repeatedly stated that I wouldn't be offended if they didn't take a cookie.

One of my favorite stops on the way home was at Pizza Hut.  I gave cookies to all of the employees on duty as well as some of the patrons waiting for their food.  My favorite moment was when the parents of a family of four, who spoke Spanish, said that I could give cookies two their two little kids.  Their children's eyes lit up as they eagerly thanked me for the galletas.  The joy in those kids eyes... man, that was sweet.

This was on St. Patrick's Day by the way, and because of that, as I was walking through the Riviera, I knocked on the door of some unsuspecting girls.  I chose this apartment because they had painted St. Patrick's Day decorations on their windows. I was delighted to discover that one of the girls who lived there is in my volleyball class. They were watching Psych. They were so excited to get cookies and to know that their decorations were appreciated.

As I walked into my apartment complex I had only a few cookies left. By the time I reached my door I only had three. I shared them with my roommate.

I can't tell you how happy I was to give those cookies away. I mean, sure I would have been happy to eat them myself... Plus this week I'm broke so that could have been my food for the week... But doing that service brought me more satisfaction than eating them ever could have. :D

My Apology

Yesterday I created the door that is pictured. You may not think that it looks that strange but it is actually missing a big poster that is normally on the door. This poster was brought to my apartment and put on my door. Because of these events, she who made the poster had hurt feelings. This post is the beginning of my reparations with this girl.

I'd like to publicly express my sincere regret. My actions were not intended to be more than a simple prank. My hope was to make a memory, to cause a brief panic but not to make her sad. I know that misery is a part of life but I did not intend to cause unnecessary sadness in her heart.

Please... Forgive me... :(

17 March 2012

My Good Turn

As I was preparing to cross the street I saw a man taking a photo of a woman next to a BYU sign. Here is the sign:

As I crossed the street, the man handed the camera to the woman and posed by the sign to take his picture. I approached them and offered to take a picture of the two of them by the sign together.  They graciously accepted my offer.  I took two pictures of them and returned to them their camera.  I asked if they were visiting the area and they informed me that they were indeed visiting from the Philippines.  They were very nice and it was nice to hear their accent.  It has been a while since I've spoken with someone from the Philippines (I miss you Hervie!!!)

Anyway, lately I've been thinking about how cruel the world can be.  People tend to be pretty selfish these days.  Today as I performed that simple act of service, I realized that my life doesn't have to be that way.  I can  make a difference one day at a time.

As I thought of that photo that i took I felt filled with hope.  I know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in that moment, as I took that picture I had an impression that that picture might have a lasting effect. I don't know who will see that picture or if anyone will enjoy that picture. I just felt like that picture would be meaningful for them or for someone else somehow. I may never know but I know how I felt in that moment.