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31 January 2012

The Secret to Life

Have you ever gotten excited about something only to be disappointed with the outcome?  Don't worry, you're not the only one, has happened to me too.  Recently it occurred to me to try something new which I have found extremely helpful.  I call it the secret of life, but more accurately it would be called: Something that you can control that will allow you to obtain more enjoyment from your experiences.  That thing which you can control is your expectation of what will occur.  If you are disappointed with the outcome of an experience, it is because it did not meet your expectations. Therefore, if you would like to be less disappointed in the experiences you have, then you should lower your expectations about the outcome.

I understand the immediate objection.  If you go into something with high expectations and those expectations are met, the satisfaction is much greater.  I submit thought that there is a risk in this.  Let us look at this example.  I am a college football fan.  The teams I root for and take time out of my life to spectate are Virginia Tech and BYU.  When I watch football, I want to see both teams do well.  I want both teams to play their best and I want the game to be close and intense, but I want my team to come out the victor.  Watching those close games brings a great thrill and I expect my team to pull out a win.  When those last seconds tick down and my team is on top, I feel great.  On the other hand, when the last few minutes are played in desperation to achieve the few points necessary for a W and those points don't come, I feel terrible.  There may be some psychological thing or brain chemical thing at work here, but I have not been educated as of yet on these things.  I know that there is a certain level of stress I experience during those games.  I know that when my team wins, that stress is relieved and I know that when my teams loses, that stress remains.  I don't like the lingering stress.

I have also watched games, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, in which an 'underdog' team comes out ahead of a 'good' team.  I had a low expectation for that team but I still experience a great amount of satisfaction for their achievement.  If both a low expectation and a high expectation can yield a great amount of satisfaction, then I submit that the risk of lingering stress is not worth it.

 The bottom line is, I've enjoyed every movie I've watched recently.  I also really enjoyed the new Napoleon Dynamite TV show.  That's my advice for the day, and for your life.  Don't go into things with high expectations and you will find greater satisfaction.  I predict that oftentimes your expectations will be exceeded. Note: don't lower your standards, just your expectations.

If you need anymore evidence.  Just think about your experience with Google+...

In other news, check out these dolls.  They are married.  I thought that was funny.
Also, here is my cousin planking.

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