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18 January 2012

I like good things

Once a gain here is a song for while you read:

I set a new record for most packages received in one day in my life.  The record is now thirteen!  What a great day!  I used the money I saved from buying my textbooks on as an excuse to buy a bunch of CDs.  I spent more than I saved... of course.

Actually, a number of weeks ago I deleted all of the music from my iTunes that i had downloaded for free from the Internet.  Now all the music that I have is purchased.  Yay!

Today i spent hours in the Computer Science Lab working on a lab assignment.  I went ahead and added a little flair to them.  For example one program I wrote will convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.  I added a bunch of unnecessary dialogue.  Like: "The temperature in Celsius is 35.9328 degrees.  If your Mexican friend asked you, you would probably say it is 36 degrees."  You know, just a little flair.  Another one was about drawing a life size dinosaur.

Anyway, it was nice to get out of there.  I also would like to share that in my logic class the TA asked my friend and I to stop passing notes.  Okay, okay, I'm in college, I guess I'll grow up.

Let me share with you another thing that happened in my class.

Look at the following argument:

A v B
~A            ∴  B

Let me dumb it down for you.
This might as well say: You chose an apple or a banana.  You did not choose an apple.  Therefore, you chose a banana.  This is called a disjunctive syllogism.

Today, twice and last class one time, my teacher did this to me:

A v A
~A            ∴  A

It is a valid argument.  I just don't like it being at my expense...

Here is one such instance:

Teacher: Why did you do that?
Ben: To get a contradiction. (A)
Teacher:  No. (~A)
Ben: I don't know why then.
Teacher: You should be trying to get a contradiction. (A)

I'm confused about his logic.  Good thing he's the one teaching me.

Have you heard of Bangarang?  They are the hottest rookie Wallyball team in the BYU intramural open division .  I'm the captain.  We have a game tonight at 9:15 in the RB if you want to come cheer us on.

Love you readers. :D

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