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17 January 2012


Here is a song to listen to while you read my post:

I really liked this song today.

I just spent the last hour and a half trying to prove the Conditional Negation is a valid Truth-functional Shortcut Rule.  I have a proof for it, but unfortunately we are not allowed to use the Disjunctive Syllogism rule.  For some reason I just can't get it to work.  My incredible roommate Scott suggested I take a break.  Thus, I am adding a new post to my blog. :D

Anyway, did you catch my last post about MLK day?  In my ethics class we discussed hedonism.  Hedonism is a eudiamonistic theory which suggests that of our actions are driven by our desire for happiness.  Eudiamonism suggests that happiness is the highest good thing that we can obtain.  After class I pointed out to my teacher that lots of people derive happiness from having a holiday like Martin Luther King Day.  I then pointed out that we would not have had this holiday if there had not been racial discrimination.  People are generally unhappy about racial discrimination and would say it is morally wrong.  How odd that a source of unhappiness has now  contributed to the happiness of many in our nation.  My teacher chuckled at this.  

I like it when I make my teachers laugh.

I really want to make a new video for my youtube channel.  Usually the videos I've made have been for contests but I was thinking I should just make an original video. Do you have any suggestions?  Please leave them in the comments.

Today I ate at Burger King because a little coupon book came in the mail.  Yay for a free whopper!

Once when I was little, my mom took me to Burger King. I was small enough to not be able to control my body very well.  Don't worry, nothing too weird happened.  I just grabbed the top hamburger bun and flung it across the room.  It was probably quite embarrassing for my mother.

Another time when I was little, my mom took me to Wendy's.  We were sitting at the table.  I was eating a Frosty.  I sat up and leaned across the table.  My mom thought that I was going to give her a kiss.  As she leaned into my face, I let a mouthful of Frosty out of my mouth.  

Hmm... I guess I should publicly apologize to my mom for these events.  Sorry Mom!!!  She is the greatest! :D

Speaking of Wendy's, remember when they used to only have one kind of Frosty?  I remember when they came out with the Vanilla Frosty back in 2006. I went through the drive thru and when they asked chocolate or vanilla I replied, "There is no such thing as a vanilla frosty."  They lady taking my order assured me that there most definitely was a vanilla frosty and asked if I wanted to try it.  I just continued to deny its existence.  

I think I want to try to find out what the date was that they made that change. Twenty years from that day I'll go to Wendy's.  I'll order a Frosty and when they inquire about the flavor I'll say, "What do you mean?"  
"Would you like Chocolate or Vanilla?"
"There are Vanilla Frosty's?"
"Yes, would you like to try one?"
"How long have there been Vanilla Frosty's?"
"I don't know, since before I was born."
"Wait!  What year is this?"
Then I'll start freaking out about how I've travelled through time and cause a huge ruckus.  

Apparently now there are lots more different kinds of Frostys.  I have still yet to try the vanilla flavor.  Is it any good?

Are you a girl?  If so have you applied to be my valentine yet?  Now would be a great time!

Did you enjoy that song?  I recommend the whole album.  Well I should probably get back to my homework.  To those of you who are students, are you having a nice break from yours? Get back to work!!!

:D Love you guys! Thanks for reading!

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