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04 November 2011

Hello world,


I sit here amongst a group of friends watching Cheaper by the Dozen.  I love being a part of a big family and I wish I could see my siblings more often.

On Saturday, I turned 22 years old.  What have I done with my life.  I think I want to try to identify the  things I've done each year of my life.  This is going to be harder than i thought.

From 29 October 1989 to 3 November 2011

0- I was born.  This list was made possible in part by My Existence.
1- Dude... I have no idea what i was doing. 
2- At the end of this year I became a big brother.  Love you Jessica :D
4- Started kindergarten.
5- Had my first kiss, she was black in case you were wondering.  Lost my first tooth.
6- I switched from private school to public school.
8- I got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
9- Fourth grade I had an unmarried teacher and I was super worried about her not being married.  She was very pretty.
10- Graduated from elementary school and had a rap solo at the graduation during the song Willenium. Started middle school.
13- Started high school.
15- Got my first job, a lifeguard at Waterworks.
16- This is the year when I changed from being an introvert to an extrovert.  First date ever with my friend Kim.
17- Graduated from high school and started my first year of college. My favorite color changed from blue to orange.
18- College life was awesome.  
19- I spent the first half of this year losing wait to prepare for my mission.  The second half was the beginning of my mission.
20- This year I spent entirely on my mission in California serving others and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. :D
21- The first half of this year was the last half of my mission.  Starting my second semester of college has provided some of the funnest times in my life.
22- The most important thing I've done since Saturday os probably calling people and making them aware that the Dawn Upshaw performance was cancelled so they didn't waste their time coming down to the HFAC. 

What a great life. :D

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