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28 August 2011

Welcome to the BYU 124th Ward

Hey people that paid attention to my introduction! Surprise! There isn't much here...

So I used to use this blog and I've been looking for a reason to start it again. So I thought I'd announce it. I came home after church and put this post up. I promise I'll have some more posts coming. While you're waiting, feel free to check out my other sites:
You can find me on Facebook and Twitter there if you're into that stuff.
I have a new youtube video uploading as I type this up.

I have a disco ball at my apartment. We should have a dance party. Feel free to stop by #180 whenever. (Actually my friend from my newest youtube video broke the lights in my disco ball, so it is temporarily out of order...)

Once again stop by #180 and say hi. Visitor's Welcome. :D

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