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31 August 2011


I am fortunate that my class schedule is such that I only have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Swag. This leave me plenty of time to read and do homework on Tuesday and Thursday. So what did I decide I'd do tonight? Watch LOST of course. Well, the last I've seen of LOST was the middle of Season 5 so instead of picking up where I left off, I'm going to start over.
So I just got on my computer and put the disc in when I have a brilliant idea. I could watch it in Spanish! So I put in the DVD and what happened? Well, everything was going great until I tried to change the language. Unfortunately the only other language besides English is French. I can't even get Spanish subtitles. Guess I have to not be productive when I watch them...

I am really excited for winter to come. You might think that is weird but my last winter was in December 2008 - February 2009. In California it doesn't really get cold... I miss wearing hoodies.

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