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31 August 2011


I am fortunate that my class schedule is such that I only have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Swag. This leave me plenty of time to read and do homework on Tuesday and Thursday. So what did I decide I'd do tonight? Watch LOST of course. Well, the last I've seen of LOST was the middle of Season 5 so instead of picking up where I left off, I'm going to start over.
So I just got on my computer and put the disc in when I have a brilliant idea. I could watch it in Spanish! So I put in the DVD and what happened? Well, everything was going great until I tried to change the language. Unfortunately the only other language besides English is French. I can't even get Spanish subtitles. Guess I have to not be productive when I watch them...

I am really excited for winter to come. You might think that is weird but my last winter was in December 2008 - February 2009. In California it doesn't really get cold... I miss wearing hoodies.

28 August 2011

Welcome to the BYU 124th Ward

Hey people that paid attention to my introduction! Surprise! There isn't much here...

So I used to use this blog and I've been looking for a reason to start it again. So I thought I'd announce it. I came home after church and put this post up. I promise I'll have some more posts coming. While you're waiting, feel free to check out my other sites:
You can find me on Facebook and Twitter there if you're into that stuff.
I have a new youtube video uploading as I type this up.

I have a disco ball at my apartment. We should have a dance party. Feel free to stop by #180 whenever. (Actually my friend from my newest youtube video broke the lights in my disco ball, so it is temporarily out of order...)

Once again stop by #180 and say hi. Visitor's Welcome. :D

06 August 2011

All Set Up

New travel plans.
New haircut.
New laptop.
New Facebook fan page.
New goals.

01 August 2011

Arby's Casting Call

Check out some of the videos that I pieced together for the Arby's contest.