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14 March 2009

Cleaning Day

Everyone loves cleaning day right? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'm really bored.

13 March 2009


If anyone follows this blog at all...

I go tmy mission call I'll be spanish speakin gin good ole california. :D

27 February 2009

G'day mates

So my papers are in for my mission and my call should come in a couple of weeks. Seriously? Yes, I am so serious, AND so excited! So, yeah, I am really really really excited.

Anyway, I went to institute last night and was filing out this survey and it asked how often you write in your journal, which for me is like 3-5 times a year. But then I remembered this blog, and its kind of like a journalreocord of my life... right?

Well, the lesson was on conversion, at institute that is. It made me think about how much more prepared I am now to serve my mision than I was just six months ago. I have really developed and even greater love for the gospel and I've become a lot more charitable. I have found it much easier to love everyone I meet which is something I really wanted to develope.

Well, overall, life has been really good. At work the other day one of the water aerobics teachers said she really appreciatted that I came into work everyday with a smile on my face. All I could think about was how much I had to be grateful for. I really love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I have come to a greater understanding of my roles and responsibilities while I am here on Earth.

My mom is going to have a baby at the end of April. I've been calling it baby Izzy and my mom is considering the name Isabel. (yesssssss!) Anyway, we were looking through baby name books and there was this girl name that blew them all away. It was Dagmar. Seriously, could you imagine... Dagmar Brown. Yeah, that would be great.

My dad and I have been talking, as usual, and our newest thing is saying my bad whenever we make a mistake. It's become a lot easier to forgive people for even the slightest things. It funny, when I'm at work I often watch employees exhibit behaviors that are unprofesional or... well not how I'd do things. Whenever I feel like complaining about someone, the thought has entered my mind that I should write a compliment card about them for something good they've done. Now I haven't actually written any cards yet, but that thought helps me remember that no one is perfect and that they are still cool or whatever.

Anyway, consider this my journal entry for the day. Hope you enjoyed it. :D

25 February 2009


I made it. Just a matter of time before i get my call now. :D

26 January 2009


sooooooooooooo... remember when i said i was x weight? yeah well i don't trust the scale at the gym anymore.

i finished the book of Mormon for the umpteenth time today. you should read it to. K?

also... here is a picture.

I really liked it back in the day. it kind of is how I feel right now. but, you know, just gotta remember to choose the right and do my best and whatnot. :D

oh... and Ive been listening to old conference talks and stuff. so... holla!

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07 January 2009

I haven't posted anything in a while...

5 pounds guys.... happy new year. go to my facebook and apply to be my valentine. seriously.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i love eberything. (not everything)