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06 December 2008

Pretty much, yeah...

today i realized how much I've missed dancing.

i weighed 309 today... holler. :D

also... i can't wait for football tomorrow... even though i won't get to watch it. :(

silly grandparents.

silly old people for that matter.

i wish i didn't delete IE... lame

I really want to go to a concert really bad. and i hope my favorite bands will tour here in the new year. :D

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  1. ben! we had a dance party formal thingy for my ward last night. wish you were there to throw down some sweet moves like back in the day. And i would like to second your comment on old people-they are silly and highly entertaining and i mean that with all the respect possible. i think i would make a funny old person because then i have an excuse to be nuts. Also, i have a similar concert craving, but nobody is cool is playing right now! :( boo.


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