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12 December 2008

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hahaha, i just realized how much i like this song.

i found a concert and its on December 26. just got to inspire some friends to come with.

i am 305 pounds... weird...

so yah that chart would be this now:

Pounds I already lost:...................................
Pounds I need to lose:.........

i've made a lot of spiritual strides recently. its interesting actually. mostly in regard to how i interact with people, even if i find them extremely annoying, I will show them respect. i did this before but its different now kind of...

you know :D
or do you? lol

I've been reading the "missionary chapters" in Alma in the Book of Mormon. I am sooooo excited to go on my mission. the thing that amazes me the most in these chapters is how much faith the converts to the church have once they gain a testimony.

i still don't recognize my self in the mirror, and i am continually discovering new muscles in my body... weird... lol

anyway... bye

Now playing: The Bigger Lights - Reved & Ready
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