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23 November 2008

The way I see it.

So Brigham Young lost to the U of U in Salt Lake City. I am fine with that. I kind of expected it actually. anyway...

Virginia Tech, who has not had a great season, who has been struggling on offense, and who have only scored ten touchdowns in there last five games (thats two each), is one game away from making an appearance at the ACC championship game for the third time in the last four seasons.

Lets take a look at these "ten" touchdowns:
Boston College - 2 touchdowns off interceptions (Defense) Lost
florida St. - 2 touchdowns (Offense) Lost
Maryland - 2 touchdowns (Offense) Won
Miami - 2 touchdowns (Offense) Lost
Duke - 1 touchdown (Offense), 1 touchdown (Defense)

Of their other six games, they scored three touchdowns in each of four games and two in the other two games.

El Senor Bud foster has done an excellent job in the defensive department, and this year the Special Teams unit hasn't exactly been as good as it has in past seasons.

I would love to see Virginia Tech become the ACC champions. Unfortunately, the two teams on the other side of the conference (Atlantic Division) that are going to have a shot are two teams that VT has already lost too. those being fsu and BC. BC if they beat maryland and fsu if maryland wins.

I do not think that they will pull off this championship unless they start playing football on offense.

If they do win the ACC championship and go to the Orange bowl, I want them to play anyone but Utah. I figure if they make it here they will lose anyway, but I can always hope.

I want Utah to come into its BCS berth and crush its opponent. This way, next year, when BYU goes undefeated... well, you know. the non-BCS might get a little more credit...

If Utah does end up playing VT I will not root for them. I will be rooting for tech, who will probably lose but as I said before, its all about hope.

Next year VT and BYU should have outstanding seasons... of course, I'll be on a mission somewhere in the world and I won't get to see any of it. oh well...

Good luck to Virginia Tech next week against the Cavs. Lets see some excellent offense!!!

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