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07 November 2008

Today was one of the best days ive had in a while...

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So i've been following the body for life program this week.

on monday i weighed 324. yikes and i thought i was maybe 320.
good news is today i weighed 318.5

so yeah. also i've overcome two of my lifes trials. i know there are more to come. but i know that I can do all things in christ with strengtheneth me.
and the hokies won, and with utahs win over tcu, byu could still have a shot at a decent bowl game. i hate the bcs...

why is the ACC so freakin nuts...?

i hate my job.

i waltzed through bloom today. OH YEAH!

oh... btw my mission papers have been in and i'm "weighting" on my call. lol

so obama is the president. cool. guess what? i hate the federal government. aren;t they only there for us to find fault with them?

i am gonna stuff my face on saturday... sad. :D

seriously i am in love with life.

scripture that has been on my mind. 2 Timothy 3:1-5. yeah

also ifyou're reading this, go read the Book of Mormon. its funny how there is truth in the world but most people are worried more about day by day than there eternal potential...

anyways peace.

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i dance in my head to this... la la

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