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28 November 2008


wasn't really that special. oh well. I'm just glad I didn't totally stuff myself. Not gonna lie I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables and some turkey. and no soda, just water. but I also ate some really good Korean food.

i feel sick today.

yesterday my family went to the American history museum. I do like being this close to DC so we can do things like that. at the same time, i would rather have been playing football or sleeping in. it was fun though I guess.

So I haven't checked very very recently, but I think its pretty safe to say that I weigh 312 pounds. Thats pretty awesome. yeah, so 16 more pounds to go.

Jessica, I know you don't read this... but do you want your Christmas present early? huh? do ya do ya do ya?

I'm supposed to be cooking right now, but I dont want to get up officially. then i'll have to do other stuff too... lol

mmm... sausage balls...

actually i think i will go cook those... lol

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