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09 November 2008

self, great day

today i bought some cds. :D

it was these:

and i got this at hot topic:

its a belt.
my goal is to shrink into it.

this week ive been eating all healthy and whatnot. today i got a haircut and ate some arbys and then at night my dad and i got free red robin burgers. YUM! :D

also iowa what...........!?!?! lol silly penn st.

BYU still has a shot at MWC championship if they beat Utah and Air force... :D

i really like my haircut, and i really need to pluck my eyebrows...

i had the A1 peppercorn burger at Red Robin... SO GOOD. oh AND blueberry pomegranate limeade is delicious.

i love music.

My mission call should seriously come this week I am SO EXCITED!!!

okay okay okay okay. my dad and i are so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad together... seriously it should be a crime all the bad jokes we come up with.

I love all of these cds thats why i bought them.

and... i played rockband today. at bestbuy. and this old lady was really imrpessed. lol she didnt know i've never played before. did bass on hard.

so yeah thats it 4 now...

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