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23 November 2008


I danced today, and I haven't done that in a long time. It was fun. :D

I helped this new family in our ward move in. They are originally from Russia and they are sooooooo nice.

TTU...? wassup with that. You guys got owned! yay! go gators (for tim)

... and go Seminoles because you play BYU next year... (anti-Tim)

oh and tim got his mission call to Nashville! YAY!!!

we had an elders quorum activity and it was really fun. and I weighed 314 pounds today. :D heck yes!

So I only need to lose 18 more pounds before my papers are gonna go through. I have an unrealistic goal of losing all the weight by Christmas. So lets DO IT!!!

also... i really did like dancing today. oh! and the sky keeps randomly dropping snowflakes during the day this past week... ugh its sooooooooooo annoying... I can't stand the snow.

I really want to go to a college football game. Its probably because last season I went to six at BYU. lol

6... none... kind of a big difference.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we have wrad choir tomorrow... er... today? yikes. I better hit the sack! :D

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