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02 September 2008

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Today was my first day at my new job... it felt so akward. being in an indoor pool is blech in my opinion. I weighed in today. I weigh 318lbs. and thats down from 340! :D so basically im 22lbs lighter than i used to be!

I'm really hoping to go see we shot the moon, mercy mercedes and my favorite highway at jammin java next week. It'll be a really fun show! You know? actually you prolly don't... oh wait... nobody reads this... right. I suppose I could publicize it more. Oh well...

So I'm hoping to start hanging out with Brittany sometime soon. We both currently have very little to do... And by very little I mean nothing. So we're gonna do nothing together.

I have really been in the mood for some fry sauce recently. Good thing that I can go to the store and get some... in 2 years... lol

I lost my cell phone and then I found it... that made me happy. Also my mom made spaghetti for dinner and I love it when my mom makes spaghetti because its AMAZING!

I love the movie Enchanted. It makes me feel so enlightened. Its just so silly. As silly as the word silly is. But, you gotta love thaat movie. The last time I watched it was at Leanna's *sp?* with Jessica (my sister). That was the first time I'd seen it on DVD. Thats not as big a deal until you know it was my tenth viewing. :D

That day at Leanna's *sp?*... lol... we also watched August Rush. It was really good. It made me want to go play my banjo and learn the piano better. I wish I had an electric banjo. That would be sooooooooo sick. you know? yeah, this time you do know. Electric banjo would be my instrument of choice right now.

My sister and I both wore Virginia Tech shorts and. BYU shirts to the gym today. It was funny. I was there and dressed first. Thats all I have to say about that...

I think that the BYU football team is going to have a really good season this year. They shouldn't have any problems in conference. The hardest game will be against Utah and its away in Salt Lake, which won't effect the fan base too too much. But it'll be a key game. They also play UCLA soon. What I want is both Utah and UCLA to continue to have great seaons with only a single loss to the cougars. I could see the cougars getting into the top 10 by week 4 if not sooner. I would really like Virginia Tech to get its butt back in gear. lol. but for real, if BYU has no losses this season, they may very well hve a shot at the national champoinship! :D

I miss my roomate... I wish it was burger day with him right this second... mmm... tasty...

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  1. Yeah well i diffenitly didn't know that was what you were wearing :P

    ps I like your blog I'm erading them all/procrastinating cleanign the kitchen :)


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