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01 September 2008

Its Labour Day!

This song totally got me in college... I hated Utah so much:
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Today was the last day at work... sad. I'll really miss some of those kids. I really value some of the relationships I had at work. Tomorrow I start my new pool op/ lifeguarding job. :D

Its goona be great to ge able to work out right before/after work. The gym was closed today... so Ill weigh in tomorrow. K? not that you'd be reading this right now anyway. If this does get read, it'll likely be months after I leave on my mission. I find that although I am apppreciated... no one cares enough about my life to read about it. :D

I cleaned the kitchen this morning. Today after work I had a couple Chic-fil-a chicken tenders. My Dad proudly announced that toady our family had recieved $48 in chicken today! I'm so proud of him. He's planning family events for next year already. I really liked the chic-fil-a sauce and the polonysian sauce among others to dip the chicken in.

All of my siblings will begin school tomorrow, as will the rest of the people in this county. My brother was nervous and couldn't sleep. He asked me if I would turn on Brian Regan for him to fall asleep. That silly kid. I was really greatful for a father's blessing tonight.

I really want my sister to start a blog. She would be such an interesting read.

Today, Jenny and I folded all the netting at the baby pool and we had a dance party too! :D

I can't wait to go on my mission! I recived a caling in my ward. I'm a ward missionary. More to come on how great that is!

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  1. Just wanted to say, I'm reading Ben!!! As a fellow blogger, I understand the weird feeling when you think you're writing to cyberspace, rather than to any real, living person. So here I am. A living breathing person, reading your thoughts and banter.

    =) Keep up the awesome.


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