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24 September 2008


makeshift currently playing thing
Steel Train - I Feel Weird

I soooo totally weigh 308 lbs. :D

so I only have to lose 13 more pounds till I can submit my papers. I've lost 32 lbs so far. Plus I'll lose more until i go I bet!

So I have an mp3 player. 1G. and i love my mom for that.

I watched heroes on Monday. Soooo good. I love that show. Go watch it. AMAZING stuff. I am really excited to see the office on Thursday.

*spoilers contained:
I am reading Breaking Dawn (Stephanie Meyer). I totally predicted that Jacob would imprint on the baby. I am a freaking genius.
*end spoilers:

note to self: advantage to a non-Sunday dinner day = i can buy McDonalds instead of making any food.

I know I said I'd get those pics up... but I'm working on them still. but they are gonna be sweet.

So if you know anything about computers, you'll appreciate knowing that I deleted Internet Explorer on my laptop. If you don't know anything about computers... DON'T DO THAT. ;D

yeah, so last night I watched the biggest loser. Talk about some fat people.

Demetri Martin. Funny. but would be better with less swearing.

I like playing old video games with my little siblings.

Work is very very very very boring. But I read there. Also I do SuDoKu or whatever its called... and I did the Mnday crossword puzzle and got really far! Not so much the past few days... but i learned to do Kakuro :D ...and let me just say that it is one of my favorite things now.

I just changed a baby diaper and I love ice water.

I'm really looking forward to ward volleyball night this friday. It'll be SO much fun. And I will totally own everyone with my volleyball skills.

I am wearing my fys shirt right now.

I think I'll go work on those pictures right now!

makeshift thing
The Starting Line - 21

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