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01 September 2008

End of Summer

As summer draws to a close... literally now that its September, I wanted to reflect on things that have transpired. My best friend is now out at BYU. He's having a blast. Summer work has expired and I will now be working at an indoor pool until I leave on my mission. I am working on losing weight right now in order to make that happen. I'm gonna weigh in tomorrow so I can let you know where I am. But I have lost about 20lbs already. Its been nice that other people have noticed, but Im still getting used to wearing a suit thats too big for me every Sunday. Sticking it out though. :D

This past week my family left my oldest sister and I home to work while they went camping at Virginia Beach. Needless to say, I enjoyed having no pressured responsibilities. My sister and I hung out at friends houses and had chinese delivered on more then one occasion. Laura had us over to her house for dinner and Brittany made a suprose appearance for a slurpee run. Thanks Brittany! :D

This summer, way earlier. I also went to warped tour with Elizabeth! It was totally awesome. Whats better than an all day concert with lots of my favorite bands?... uh... only a couple things. But it was wonderful to see four year strong again. I also enjoyed we the kings, jack's mannequin, relient k, the higher, oreskaband, and spending time with Elizabeth. We never have done anything together really like ever. But it was really fun. I was right up front for fys. I sang in the mic like 5 times! I also came away with 3 fys guitar picks. and i use them when i play my banjo. which by the way I am improving at drastically. I'm gonna start back on my keyboard soon too... The food at Merriweather wasn't so bad either. I had some nice chicken fingers. I realized I hadn't had chicken fingers in a very long time. Maybe they weren't even great, but the nostalic sensation was so worth it. :D

The highlight of this summer would have to be my double date with Mike. He took Laura and I took Rachel and he took Laura. We ate burritos at Moe's, then plaued a game at Harris Teeter. Unforunately, Rachel and I lost that game. But it was still really fun. We then chose some ice cream (strawberry cheesecake to be exact) and we ate it with chopsticks out at the fountain next ti Trosmo. The ice cream was yummy and the memories were pleasent. Then we went to "the spot" and litened to Rachel's iPod. Of course, I recently had filled it with lots of my favorite music, which made it very enjoyable.

But today's the last day at work. :(
Hopefully it goes by quickly...

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