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10 September 2008

Concert Tomorrow!!!

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if you couldn't tell... I'm really excited to go and see the We Shot the Moon Concert tomorrow. I'm going with my boy Tim. Its gonna be really really really really fun. like whoa. so yeah, we're gonna borrow my grandpas car and go up to jammin java in vienn, VA. I'll take a camera and put some pictures up and if you're good little kiddies... maybe a video. I love the three band playing. Its gonna be sweet to see them all live. :D

I'm reading Eclipse in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. ooo vampires are creepy. Am I weird because I want her to be with Jacob? I'm not too incerdiby far into it yet... so NO spoilers please... although SOMEONE told me that who she ends up with ultimately... lol

BYU had a win over Washington this past weekend. The Pac 10 refs called unsportsmanlike conduct... bladdeeblahdeeblah... you can go look up the story yourself. I personally think that BYU may very well have blocked the kick anyway and I also think that had the game gone into overtime... BYU would have won. Now BYU looks to beat UCLA this weekend. GO COUGARS!!!

ok ok heres the video...

I really want to go to a sonic... I really want an apple limeade. mmm and a burger. ooo and some tots.

today I was drinking some milk and I realized how much I miss the milk from the BYU creamery. the milk I had today seemed so thin. My mom was telling me about the 26% milk they had on her mission in Chile... blech, ew gross...

I would want to be in a band so I could be a kid forever... That would be awesome.

I miss Mike. and some of those other kids... but not as much as him :(
(but I know he's having fun)

Anyone have any good book recommendations for when I finish breaking dawn in the next few days... not that I've started it yet. lol

I went to Chic-fil-a for the first time with my mom on monday. It was really good.

I didn't go work out today... bummer. also my nap didn't go so well, as I stated earlier today in that other random post.

My sister is so WHACKED... sometimes I can't stand her.

also... my iPod is busted and I realized in two years, when I get back from my mission, i could prolly get a 100+G iPod touch for like $200. but they'll have even cooler stuff by then anyway...

I'm gonna hit the sack early tonight for tomorrows sake. :D

Till then...

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