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24 September 2008

Concert Pics

^this is my favorite :D

Trev is a beast...

Jonathan Jones = talent

We Shot the Moon

My man $B-Real$!

Oh yeah, its Mercy Mercedes!

yeah... um... it was blurry... so now is green XD

oOo... colorific

Rock on! \\m// (-_-) \\m//


makeshift currently playing thing
Steel Train - I Feel Weird

I soooo totally weigh 308 lbs. :D

so I only have to lose 13 more pounds till I can submit my papers. I've lost 32 lbs so far. Plus I'll lose more until i go I bet!

So I have an mp3 player. 1G. and i love my mom for that.

I watched heroes on Monday. Soooo good. I love that show. Go watch it. AMAZING stuff. I am really excited to see the office on Thursday.

*spoilers contained:
I am reading Breaking Dawn (Stephanie Meyer). I totally predicted that Jacob would imprint on the baby. I am a freaking genius.
*end spoilers:

note to self: advantage to a non-Sunday dinner day = i can buy McDonalds instead of making any food.

I know I said I'd get those pics up... but I'm working on them still. but they are gonna be sweet.

So if you know anything about computers, you'll appreciate knowing that I deleted Internet Explorer on my laptop. If you don't know anything about computers... DON'T DO THAT. ;D

yeah, so last night I watched the biggest loser. Talk about some fat people.

Demetri Martin. Funny. but would be better with less swearing.

I like playing old video games with my little siblings.

Work is very very very very boring. But I read there. Also I do SuDoKu or whatever its called... and I did the Mnday crossword puzzle and got really far! Not so much the past few days... but i learned to do Kakuro :D ...and let me just say that it is one of my favorite things now.

I just changed a baby diaper and I love ice water.

I'm really looking forward to ward volleyball night this friday. It'll be SO much fun. And I will totally own everyone with my volleyball skills.

I am wearing my fys shirt right now.

I think I'll go work on those pictures right now!

makeshift thing
The Starting Line - 21

12 September 2008


i returned my grandpas car.
'-> taught him like 30 things about his computer.

i also took my mom out to lunch. I enjoy spending quality time with her. :D
'-> volcano tacos do not let you breathe fire... :(
'-> carmel apple empanadas are sooooooooo good

i also am working on my room... organizationally.

also... does anyone have a guitar they want to give me?

We Shot the Moon, Mercy Mercedes, & My Favorite Highway

Now playing: Mercy Mercedes - Get It Darlin
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WOW... so one of the best shows I've ever been to. wow... somewhat speechless I am. :D

The Concert was amazingshizzle.

Mercy Mercedes is definitely one of my top five right now. along with four year strong, we shot the moon, the morning of, and we the kings. also in the top 5 is the starting line but they broke up so it doesn't "really" count. we shot the moon has been there :D

the concert was sooooooooo good... i cant even begin to describe my complete bliss.

i'll put up pictures (there are some on facebook) I want to edit some of them to make them look totally awesome though. K? you'll have to wait...

while you're waiting for those though... here are some vids. sweet :D


i want to write music...

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i love concerts. :D

10 September 2008

Concert Tomorrow!!!

Now playing: My Favorite Highway - What Are You Waiting For
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if you couldn't tell... I'm really excited to go and see the We Shot the Moon Concert tomorrow. I'm going with my boy Tim. Its gonna be really really really really fun. like whoa. so yeah, we're gonna borrow my grandpas car and go up to jammin java in vienn, VA. I'll take a camera and put some pictures up and if you're good little kiddies... maybe a video. I love the three band playing. Its gonna be sweet to see them all live. :D

I'm reading Eclipse in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. ooo vampires are creepy. Am I weird because I want her to be with Jacob? I'm not too incerdiby far into it yet... so NO spoilers please... although SOMEONE told me that who she ends up with ultimately... lol

BYU had a win over Washington this past weekend. The Pac 10 refs called unsportsmanlike conduct... bladdeeblahdeeblah... you can go look up the story yourself. I personally think that BYU may very well have blocked the kick anyway and I also think that had the game gone into overtime... BYU would have won. Now BYU looks to beat UCLA this weekend. GO COUGARS!!!

ok ok heres the video...

I really want to go to a sonic... I really want an apple limeade. mmm and a burger. ooo and some tots.

today I was drinking some milk and I realized how much I miss the milk from the BYU creamery. the milk I had today seemed so thin. My mom was telling me about the 26% milk they had on her mission in Chile... blech, ew gross...

I would want to be in a band so I could be a kid forever... That would be awesome.

I miss Mike. and some of those other kids... but not as much as him :(
(but I know he's having fun)

Anyone have any good book recommendations for when I finish breaking dawn in the next few days... not that I've started it yet. lol

I went to Chic-fil-a for the first time with my mom on monday. It was really good.

I didn't go work out today... bummer. also my nap didn't go so well, as I stated earlier today in that other random post.

My sister is so WHACKED... sometimes I can't stand her.

also... my iPod is busted and I realized in two years, when I get back from my mission, i could prolly get a 100+G iPod touch for like $200. but they'll have even cooler stuff by then anyway...

I'm gonna hit the sack early tonight for tomorrows sake. :D

Till then...

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I don't like the early morning shift

Search & Win

i am so tired that i can't sleep right now... hmm...

hey click on that ^^^

up there yeah...

also i like Prego for my spaghetti.

I want some fast food, but its bad for me...

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Hey! WE SHOT THE MOON is playing here! Let's go see them! :)


02 September 2008

*edit.. add title

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Today was my first day at my new job... it felt so akward. being in an indoor pool is blech in my opinion. I weighed in today. I weigh 318lbs. and thats down from 340! :D so basically im 22lbs lighter than i used to be!

I'm really hoping to go see we shot the moon, mercy mercedes and my favorite highway at jammin java next week. It'll be a really fun show! You know? actually you prolly don't... oh wait... nobody reads this... right. I suppose I could publicize it more. Oh well...

So I'm hoping to start hanging out with Brittany sometime soon. We both currently have very little to do... And by very little I mean nothing. So we're gonna do nothing together.

I have really been in the mood for some fry sauce recently. Good thing that I can go to the store and get some... in 2 years... lol

I lost my cell phone and then I found it... that made me happy. Also my mom made spaghetti for dinner and I love it when my mom makes spaghetti because its AMAZING!

I love the movie Enchanted. It makes me feel so enlightened. Its just so silly. As silly as the word silly is. But, you gotta love thaat movie. The last time I watched it was at Leanna's *sp?* with Jessica (my sister). That was the first time I'd seen it on DVD. Thats not as big a deal until you know it was my tenth viewing. :D

That day at Leanna's *sp?*... lol... we also watched August Rush. It was really good. It made me want to go play my banjo and learn the piano better. I wish I had an electric banjo. That would be sooooooooo sick. you know? yeah, this time you do know. Electric banjo would be my instrument of choice right now.

My sister and I both wore Virginia Tech shorts and. BYU shirts to the gym today. It was funny. I was there and dressed first. Thats all I have to say about that...

I think that the BYU football team is going to have a really good season this year. They shouldn't have any problems in conference. The hardest game will be against Utah and its away in Salt Lake, which won't effect the fan base too too much. But it'll be a key game. They also play UCLA soon. What I want is both Utah and UCLA to continue to have great seaons with only a single loss to the cougars. I could see the cougars getting into the top 10 by week 4 if not sooner. I would really like Virginia Tech to get its butt back in gear. lol. but for real, if BYU has no losses this season, they may very well hve a shot at the national champoinship! :D

I miss my roomate... I wish it was burger day with him right this second... mmm... tasty...

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01 September 2008

Its Labour Day!

This song totally got me in college... I hated Utah so much:
Now playing: Four Year Strong - Beatdown In The Key Of Happy
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Today was the last day at work... sad. I'll really miss some of those kids. I really value some of the relationships I had at work. Tomorrow I start my new pool op/ lifeguarding job. :D

Its goona be great to ge able to work out right before/after work. The gym was closed today... so Ill weigh in tomorrow. K? not that you'd be reading this right now anyway. If this does get read, it'll likely be months after I leave on my mission. I find that although I am apppreciated... no one cares enough about my life to read about it. :D

I cleaned the kitchen this morning. Today after work I had a couple Chic-fil-a chicken tenders. My Dad proudly announced that toady our family had recieved $48 in chicken today! I'm so proud of him. He's planning family events for next year already. I really liked the chic-fil-a sauce and the polonysian sauce among others to dip the chicken in.

All of my siblings will begin school tomorrow, as will the rest of the people in this county. My brother was nervous and couldn't sleep. He asked me if I would turn on Brian Regan for him to fall asleep. That silly kid. I was really greatful for a father's blessing tonight.

I really want my sister to start a blog. She would be such an interesting read.

Today, Jenny and I folded all the netting at the baby pool and we had a dance party too! :D

I can't wait to go on my mission! I recived a caling in my ward. I'm a ward missionary. More to come on how great that is!

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End of Summer

As summer draws to a close... literally now that its September, I wanted to reflect on things that have transpired. My best friend is now out at BYU. He's having a blast. Summer work has expired and I will now be working at an indoor pool until I leave on my mission. I am working on losing weight right now in order to make that happen. I'm gonna weigh in tomorrow so I can let you know where I am. But I have lost about 20lbs already. Its been nice that other people have noticed, but Im still getting used to wearing a suit thats too big for me every Sunday. Sticking it out though. :D

This past week my family left my oldest sister and I home to work while they went camping at Virginia Beach. Needless to say, I enjoyed having no pressured responsibilities. My sister and I hung out at friends houses and had chinese delivered on more then one occasion. Laura had us over to her house for dinner and Brittany made a suprose appearance for a slurpee run. Thanks Brittany! :D

This summer, way earlier. I also went to warped tour with Elizabeth! It was totally awesome. Whats better than an all day concert with lots of my favorite bands?... uh... only a couple things. But it was wonderful to see four year strong again. I also enjoyed we the kings, jack's mannequin, relient k, the higher, oreskaband, and spending time with Elizabeth. We never have done anything together really like ever. But it was really fun. I was right up front for fys. I sang in the mic like 5 times! I also came away with 3 fys guitar picks. and i use them when i play my banjo. which by the way I am improving at drastically. I'm gonna start back on my keyboard soon too... The food at Merriweather wasn't so bad either. I had some nice chicken fingers. I realized I hadn't had chicken fingers in a very long time. Maybe they weren't even great, but the nostalic sensation was so worth it. :D

The highlight of this summer would have to be my double date with Mike. He took Laura and I took Rachel and he took Laura. We ate burritos at Moe's, then plaued a game at Harris Teeter. Unforunately, Rachel and I lost that game. But it was still really fun. We then chose some ice cream (strawberry cheesecake to be exact) and we ate it with chopsticks out at the fountain next ti Trosmo. The ice cream was yummy and the memories were pleasent. Then we went to "the spot" and litened to Rachel's iPod. Of course, I recently had filled it with lots of my favorite music, which made it very enjoyable.

But today's the last day at work. :(
Hopefully it goes by quickly...