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02 May 2008

Since U Been Gone

Hey kiddos. I'm back home in VA! OH, yeah... you know it. So I am missing college life a lot. Its weird to have a ton of people in your life and then the next day you are surrounded by strangers in airports until suddenly all the people in your old life are back. Its like two different worlds and to only things that are the same in both are that I'm there.

So I didn't miss my plane, the second time, and I had a pleasant flight home. All of my siblings and my mother picked me up at the airport.

Since I've been home I've pretty much just been babysitting my siblings. My mom started substitute teaching. I've been really enjoying the Starting Line since I've been back. Yesterday I went to institute and we played basketball and I totally scored 13 points. Yeah, I know I'm awesome.

So hopefully Ill begin working soon. (need a job first though) :D

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  1. Ben!! You have a blog!?! Me too. I'm always excited to discover fellow bloggers. So...



    (remember? the redheaded girl you home-taught at the Y? =) yeh. that was me.)


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