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15 February 2008


hey, so my English class is over, so now I'm just going to post stuff for the heck of it.

This semester has been good to me so far. I'm keeping up in all of my classes and it just feels easier. I wish I could say I have a favorite class though. As much as I like all of my classes, there is at least one thing I can't stand about it.

Mostly though is choir. I can't stand my choir. All of the music we sing is so easy. Honestly I have memorized like all of our songs after singing them twice. I remember in high school when we would do ridiculously hard music. I remember feeling the stress of singing it right. I used to think, why don't we just do simple music and do it really well. Now I know why we didn't... because its totally boring and it just sucks overall.

I am going to buy a G-Unit hoodie. It's orange, thats my favorite color. Oh, and remind me to talk about an awesome date that I went on... thanks self.

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