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12 December 2008

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hahaha, i just realized how much i like this song.

i found a concert and its on December 26. just got to inspire some friends to come with.

i am 305 pounds... weird...

so yah that chart would be this now:

Pounds I already lost:...................................
Pounds I need to lose:.........

i've made a lot of spiritual strides recently. its interesting actually. mostly in regard to how i interact with people, even if i find them extremely annoying, I will show them respect. i did this before but its different now kind of...

you know :D
or do you? lol

I've been reading the "missionary chapters" in Alma in the Book of Mormon. I am sooooo excited to go on my mission. the thing that amazes me the most in these chapters is how much faith the converts to the church have once they gain a testimony.

i still don't recognize my self in the mirror, and i am continually discovering new muscles in my body... weird... lol

anyway... bye

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08 December 2008

I am sooooooo Gangsta

so i totally fixed my computer today. woot.

I am so grateful for all of the blessings that the Lord has given me.

gonna dwnld me some AOM to get ready for the holidays :D


aaaaaaaand i only need to lose 11 more pounds. thats right. 307 baby!

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06 December 2008

Pretty much, yeah...

today i realized how much I've missed dancing.

i weighed 309 today... holler. :D

also... i can't wait for football tomorrow... even though i won't get to watch it. :(

silly grandparents.

silly old people for that matter.

i wish i didn't delete IE... lame

I really want to go to a concert really bad. and i hope my favorite bands will tour here in the new year. :D

02 December 2008

O & btw

311 today

I'm happy with that considering it was Thanksgiving weekend... :D

My Chart:

Pounds I already lost:.............................
Pounds I need to lose:................

so... yeah, keep up the good work self...

01 December 2008

Wow... really?

I hate it when people call me "Ben-German" (ben-jer-man)

This is Germany...

This would be BenGerman

this is me as a German exchange student at the national archives...

but seriously, if you have to not call me ben or anything else... its Benjamin. this name is not spelled with an R. Seriously... some people need to grow up and develop some annunciation.

30 November 2008

Go Hokies!!!

Yay! So go virginia tech! Excellent win over UVA today. I was really impressed with the offense today. I saw some great drives. just with no scoring... that was just a little teensy weensty bit disappointing... lol. but I am really just glad that we won. :D

and also...
dear sooners,

i think you have good football team. one improvement though... TELL YOUR BAND TO SHUT UP!!! seriously thats annoying.

yesterday was good. like I said i saw twilight again, and I got to play real and fake volleyball.

toady we got our family christmas tree! yay christmas!

i like christmas. and i miss a lot of people... k?

29 November 2008


Although my best friend is losing respect for me by the hour... I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! lol, there I said it. and yes I saw the movie again with Jessica. and to today I ate burger king and taco bell and i was a rebel. and i put up terrible Christmas lights. muahahahahahahaha. yeah I'm awesome. and a recommendation... go read the twilight books. they are BENBROWN approved. k?

28 November 2008

these are funny

Seriously though...

I got to get out of this place...

Its making me go crazy.

You Know What?

I'm tired of all the crap that my parents keep throwing at me.

pardon my french.

seriously though, I'm sick of it.


wasn't really that special. oh well. I'm just glad I didn't totally stuff myself. Not gonna lie I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables and some turkey. and no soda, just water. but I also ate some really good Korean food.

i feel sick today.

yesterday my family went to the American history museum. I do like being this close to DC so we can do things like that. at the same time, i would rather have been playing football or sleeping in. it was fun though I guess.

So I haven't checked very very recently, but I think its pretty safe to say that I weigh 312 pounds. Thats pretty awesome. yeah, so 16 more pounds to go.

Jessica, I know you don't read this... but do you want your Christmas present early? huh? do ya do ya do ya?

I'm supposed to be cooking right now, but I dont want to get up officially. then i'll have to do other stuff too... lol

mmm... sausage balls...

actually i think i will go cook those... lol

23 November 2008

I love life.

Yeah, basically I do. You should to! :D

I can't wait for Thanksgiving!


I danced today, and I haven't done that in a long time. It was fun. :D

I helped this new family in our ward move in. They are originally from Russia and they are sooooooo nice.

TTU...? wassup with that. You guys got owned! yay! go gators (for tim)

... and go Seminoles because you play BYU next year... (anti-Tim)

oh and tim got his mission call to Nashville! YAY!!!

we had an elders quorum activity and it was really fun. and I weighed 314 pounds today. :D heck yes!

So I only need to lose 18 more pounds before my papers are gonna go through. I have an unrealistic goal of losing all the weight by Christmas. So lets DO IT!!!

also... i really did like dancing today. oh! and the sky keeps randomly dropping snowflakes during the day this past week... ugh its sooooooooooo annoying... I can't stand the snow.

I really want to go to a college football game. Its probably because last season I went to six at BYU. lol

6... none... kind of a big difference.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we have wrad choir tomorrow... er... today? yikes. I better hit the sack! :D

The way I see it.

So Brigham Young lost to the U of U in Salt Lake City. I am fine with that. I kind of expected it actually. anyway...

Virginia Tech, who has not had a great season, who has been struggling on offense, and who have only scored ten touchdowns in there last five games (thats two each), is one game away from making an appearance at the ACC championship game for the third time in the last four seasons.

Lets take a look at these "ten" touchdowns:
Boston College - 2 touchdowns off interceptions (Defense) Lost
florida St. - 2 touchdowns (Offense) Lost
Maryland - 2 touchdowns (Offense) Won
Miami - 2 touchdowns (Offense) Lost
Duke - 1 touchdown (Offense), 1 touchdown (Defense)

Of their other six games, they scored three touchdowns in each of four games and two in the other two games.

El Senor Bud foster has done an excellent job in the defensive department, and this year the Special Teams unit hasn't exactly been as good as it has in past seasons.

I would love to see Virginia Tech become the ACC champions. Unfortunately, the two teams on the other side of the conference (Atlantic Division) that are going to have a shot are two teams that VT has already lost too. those being fsu and BC. BC if they beat maryland and fsu if maryland wins.

I do not think that they will pull off this championship unless they start playing football on offense.

If they do win the ACC championship and go to the Orange bowl, I want them to play anyone but Utah. I figure if they make it here they will lose anyway, but I can always hope.

I want Utah to come into its BCS berth and crush its opponent. This way, next year, when BYU goes undefeated... well, you know. the non-BCS might get a little more credit...

If Utah does end up playing VT I will not root for them. I will be rooting for tech, who will probably lose but as I said before, its all about hope.

Next year VT and BYU should have outstanding seasons... of course, I'll be on a mission somewhere in the world and I won't get to see any of it. oh well...

Good luck to Virginia Tech next week against the Cavs. Lets see some excellent offense!!!

vote for cosmo!

Seriously... do it

19 November 2008

Good Start Today

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Lets keep it up now.

I had a good day today. I chose to have a good day today. After feeling like crap yesterday, today I felt great.

I did some deep breathing this morning for about twenty minutes.

I then ate a chicken Caesar wrap. mmmm... tasty. and even better was... I made it myself! :D

Seriously though. Today was good. I even vacuumed the pool at work which I normally hate doing.

from now on, day by day, I'm going to make the most of my time and take more time to appreciate things that I take for granted.

I really want to do something fun really soon. I need some hang out time with some friends. Our ward is going to have another ward volleyball night in a couple weeks. I'm really looking forward to that. I haven't been playing volleyball at the rec recently. Mostly because I have been making excuses to myself about why I don't want to go. Not that I even have to.

Oh another thing. No more excuses. Yeah, and I'm never going to become angry ever again.

I deleted my facebook. i was spending to much time on there. I feel it will be better for me to spend time on my blog. 1) because if i get my mission call somewhere where I'll be able to email, I want to be able to type fast so I can say more. 2) i never sit and write in my journal and so this is kinda like doing that. just its on a computer and everyone can read it. Even strangers. lol



Anyway, I convinced my sister to get a blog and soon there will be a link to it on my page so you can read it if you want.

I worked out my lower body today and I am going to be so so so so sore tomorrow. Sad day. Well, happy day actually.

Maybe tomorrow I'll even go to institute. :D

I really want to play football. Yay for the turkey bowl next week!

I weigh 315 pounds right now! Woot.

So the Holy War is this weekend. Yeah, the BYU Utah game. GO COUGARS!!! I want to believe that they will be able to pull it off. Not confident though.

My baby sister is so cute. She loves salami. She is very silly, all the time.

I'm gonna edit the layout of this page now. Toodles.

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Hey so...

I'm gonna make things right. I've determined.

18 November 2008

So, Ben, how have you been? the untold story.

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I'm sick of it.

I really do HATE looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person that I see. I have lost about 25 pounds since I've started trying to lose weight. And I don't like looking in the mirror anymore. The person who I see is a stranger. It kind of weirds me out to be honest. Its weirder to look at pictures of what I used to look like. Because I can't remember looking like that. I wonder what I am supposed to look like. I have scars, they aren't noticeable but they make me feel imperfect. I wonder if I'll ever truly be comfortable with the way that I look. I'm sick of it.

I miss music. There is a part of me that needs music and my current playlists don't suffice. I do enjoy the music I listen to, but I really miss the Spirit of peace that music brings to my soul when I perform. I miss those chords that give me chills and the melodies that bring tears to my eyes. I can't play the piano well and I don't have the drive to continue the banjo. I'm sick of it.

Sometimes I wish that I wasn't such a wimp. Growing up I spent my entire life trying to figure out who I was. I was always trying to define myself. I am nineteen years old and I still don't really know who I am. I'm still not entirely sure exactly who I want to be. My junior year of high school was the first time I'd ever taken a step out of my comfort zone. When I went to EFY that summer I felt like I was living the life I wanted to live. I became "Ben Brown". I finally had an identity that I tried to live up to. But I failed. No one was meant to be perfect in the life. But I had to many failures to be truly happy with myself. I'm sick of it.

I've spent the last three years of my life trying to escape a couple of things. But I couldn't let go. No matter how hard I tried I was haunted by thoughts of things that could have been. In a way I still am haunted but no longer by these things. If there is anything that I've learned ever, it is that God expects a lot from me. He knows what I am capable of. "When I feel like just a teardrop in the rain, and I'm meant to be a river, God sees the ocean in me." I have made many mistakes in my life. And for me, when times are bad, I blame myself. I know that I control many instances but I need to stop holding myself accountable for the actions of others. I'm sick of it.

I constantly try to be positive and do my best. Unfortunately, the truth is, on the inside, I hate the way parts of my life have turned out. And I know that it shouldn't matter but I guess its part of being human. I really want to give up sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I can't handle things anymore. But what really keeps me going is my family. There is so much turmoil going on in my life right now. Buts its all in an inner conflict. There is so much I feel that I need to fix that I need to repair. And most of it I really can't. I really just need to let go. How though? How do I let go? I'm sick of it.

I know how. It just doesn't seem fair. I'm sick of it.

And I know life isn't fair. But sometimes I wish I could redo everything I have ever done. Re-make every choice that I have ever made. Would I be truly happy then? One of my goals is to inspire others. I want to help others achieve their dreams. But I guess that the first thing that I need is a true dream of my own. One that I can work toward. One that doesn't leave me feeling guilty. I need to find my inspiration to continue with my life before I am ready. I'm sick of it.

Thanks for reading this. I wish there was some way I could tell you that the fact that you know all this means that you've seen deeper into my inner self than I have ever let anyone ever before. Thanks. And I love you.

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14 November 2008

11 November 2008



so thats basically how I feel about stuff right now. I really think I could cry. But not really. Cuz I'm above that. Its really just on the inside.

Also, today my family went to the National Archives and I got to see the documents that our nation was founded upon. Regardless of what I said before, I love this country. Then I came home ande watched the news about people in DC getting beat up by idiot teenagers...

09 November 2008


my feelings can no longer be described with words...

ive got the words to keep the birds hummin.

i have to decide if i want to try to watch the BYU Utah game or play video games with th elders quorum... :C

seriously, i miss my friends that are gone...

I <3 the starting line
'-> aaaaaaand im pretty sure im addicted to the hush sound.....

self, great day

today i bought some cds. :D

it was these:

and i got this at hot topic:

its a belt.
my goal is to shrink into it.

this week ive been eating all healthy and whatnot. today i got a haircut and ate some arbys and then at night my dad and i got free red robin burgers. YUM! :D

also iowa what...........!?!?! lol silly penn st.

BYU still has a shot at MWC championship if they beat Utah and Air force... :D

i really like my haircut, and i really need to pluck my eyebrows...

i had the A1 peppercorn burger at Red Robin... SO GOOD. oh AND blueberry pomegranate limeade is delicious.

i love music.

My mission call should seriously come this week I am SO EXCITED!!!

okay okay okay okay. my dad and i are so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad together... seriously it should be a crime all the bad jokes we come up with.

I love all of these cds thats why i bought them.

and... i played rockband today. at bestbuy. and this old lady was really imrpessed. lol she didnt know i've never played before. did bass on hard.

so yeah thats it 4 now...

07 November 2008

my life is so boring right now...

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tomorrow should be a good day though. %crosses fingers...

also... i live in the black, white, asian, hispanic, native amercican, young, old, rich, poor, gay, straight, disabled, and not-disabled States of America...

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Today was one of the best days ive had in a while...

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So i've been following the body for life program this week.

on monday i weighed 324. yikes and i thought i was maybe 320.
good news is today i weighed 318.5

so yeah. also i've overcome two of my lifes trials. i know there are more to come. but i know that I can do all things in christ with strengtheneth me.
and the hokies won, and with utahs win over tcu, byu could still have a shot at a decent bowl game. i hate the bcs...

why is the ACC so freakin nuts...?

i hate my job.

i waltzed through bloom today. OH YEAH!

oh... btw my mission papers have been in and i'm "weighting" on my call. lol

so obama is the president. cool. guess what? i hate the federal government. aren;t they only there for us to find fault with them?

i am gonna stuff my face on saturday... sad. :D

seriously i am in love with life.

scripture that has been on my mind. 2 Timothy 3:1-5. yeah

also ifyou're reading this, go read the Book of Mormon. its funny how there is truth in the world but most people are worried more about day by day than there eternal potential...

anyways peace.

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i dance in my head to this... la la

24 September 2008

Concert Pics

^this is my favorite :D

Trev is a beast...

Jonathan Jones = talent

We Shot the Moon

My man $B-Real$!

Oh yeah, its Mercy Mercedes!

yeah... um... it was blurry... so now is green XD

oOo... colorific

Rock on! \\m// (-_-) \\m//


makeshift currently playing thing
Steel Train - I Feel Weird

I soooo totally weigh 308 lbs. :D

so I only have to lose 13 more pounds till I can submit my papers. I've lost 32 lbs so far. Plus I'll lose more until i go I bet!

So I have an mp3 player. 1G. and i love my mom for that.

I watched heroes on Monday. Soooo good. I love that show. Go watch it. AMAZING stuff. I am really excited to see the office on Thursday.

*spoilers contained:
I am reading Breaking Dawn (Stephanie Meyer). I totally predicted that Jacob would imprint on the baby. I am a freaking genius.
*end spoilers:

note to self: advantage to a non-Sunday dinner day = i can buy McDonalds instead of making any food.

I know I said I'd get those pics up... but I'm working on them still. but they are gonna be sweet.

So if you know anything about computers, you'll appreciate knowing that I deleted Internet Explorer on my laptop. If you don't know anything about computers... DON'T DO THAT. ;D

yeah, so last night I watched the biggest loser. Talk about some fat people.

Demetri Martin. Funny. but would be better with less swearing.

I like playing old video games with my little siblings.

Work is very very very very boring. But I read there. Also I do SuDoKu or whatever its called... and I did the Mnday crossword puzzle and got really far! Not so much the past few days... but i learned to do Kakuro :D ...and let me just say that it is one of my favorite things now.

I just changed a baby diaper and I love ice water.

I'm really looking forward to ward volleyball night this friday. It'll be SO much fun. And I will totally own everyone with my volleyball skills.

I am wearing my fys shirt right now.

I think I'll go work on those pictures right now!

makeshift thing
The Starting Line - 21

12 September 2008


i returned my grandpas car.
'-> taught him like 30 things about his computer.

i also took my mom out to lunch. I enjoy spending quality time with her. :D
'-> volcano tacos do not let you breathe fire... :(
'-> carmel apple empanadas are sooooooooo good

i also am working on my room... organizationally.

also... does anyone have a guitar they want to give me?

We Shot the Moon, Mercy Mercedes, & My Favorite Highway

Now playing: Mercy Mercedes - Get It Darlin
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WOW... so one of the best shows I've ever been to. wow... somewhat speechless I am. :D

The Concert was amazingshizzle.

Mercy Mercedes is definitely one of my top five right now. along with four year strong, we shot the moon, the morning of, and we the kings. also in the top 5 is the starting line but they broke up so it doesn't "really" count. we shot the moon has been there :D

the concert was sooooooooo good... i cant even begin to describe my complete bliss.

i'll put up pictures (there are some on facebook) I want to edit some of them to make them look totally awesome though. K? you'll have to wait...

while you're waiting for those though... here are some vids. sweet :D


i want to write music...

Now playing: Four Year Strong - Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
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i love concerts. :D

10 September 2008

Concert Tomorrow!!!

Now playing: My Favorite Highway - What Are You Waiting For
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if you couldn't tell... I'm really excited to go and see the We Shot the Moon Concert tomorrow. I'm going with my boy Tim. Its gonna be really really really really fun. like whoa. so yeah, we're gonna borrow my grandpas car and go up to jammin java in vienn, VA. I'll take a camera and put some pictures up and if you're good little kiddies... maybe a video. I love the three band playing. Its gonna be sweet to see them all live. :D

I'm reading Eclipse in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. ooo vampires are creepy. Am I weird because I want her to be with Jacob? I'm not too incerdiby far into it yet... so NO spoilers please... although SOMEONE told me that who she ends up with ultimately... lol

BYU had a win over Washington this past weekend. The Pac 10 refs called unsportsmanlike conduct... bladdeeblahdeeblah... you can go look up the story yourself. I personally think that BYU may very well have blocked the kick anyway and I also think that had the game gone into overtime... BYU would have won. Now BYU looks to beat UCLA this weekend. GO COUGARS!!!

ok ok heres the video...

I really want to go to a sonic... I really want an apple limeade. mmm and a burger. ooo and some tots.

today I was drinking some milk and I realized how much I miss the milk from the BYU creamery. the milk I had today seemed so thin. My mom was telling me about the 26% milk they had on her mission in Chile... blech, ew gross...

I would want to be in a band so I could be a kid forever... That would be awesome.

I miss Mike. and some of those other kids... but not as much as him :(
(but I know he's having fun)

Anyone have any good book recommendations for when I finish breaking dawn in the next few days... not that I've started it yet. lol

I went to Chic-fil-a for the first time with my mom on monday. It was really good.

I didn't go work out today... bummer. also my nap didn't go so well, as I stated earlier today in that other random post.

My sister is so WHACKED... sometimes I can't stand her.

also... my iPod is busted and I realized in two years, when I get back from my mission, i could prolly get a 100+G iPod touch for like $200. but they'll have even cooler stuff by then anyway...

I'm gonna hit the sack early tonight for tomorrows sake. :D

Till then...

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I don't like the early morning shift

Search & Win

i am so tired that i can't sleep right now... hmm...

hey click on that ^^^

up there yeah...

also i like Prego for my spaghetti.

I want some fast food, but its bad for me...

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Hey! WE SHOT THE MOON is playing here! Let's go see them! :)


02 September 2008

*edit.. add title

Now playing: Mercy Mercedes - Shiver Me Timbers
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Today was my first day at my new job... it felt so akward. being in an indoor pool is blech in my opinion. I weighed in today. I weigh 318lbs. and thats down from 340! :D so basically im 22lbs lighter than i used to be!

I'm really hoping to go see we shot the moon, mercy mercedes and my favorite highway at jammin java next week. It'll be a really fun show! You know? actually you prolly don't... oh wait... nobody reads this... right. I suppose I could publicize it more. Oh well...

So I'm hoping to start hanging out with Brittany sometime soon. We both currently have very little to do... And by very little I mean nothing. So we're gonna do nothing together.

I have really been in the mood for some fry sauce recently. Good thing that I can go to the store and get some... in 2 years... lol

I lost my cell phone and then I found it... that made me happy. Also my mom made spaghetti for dinner and I love it when my mom makes spaghetti because its AMAZING!

I love the movie Enchanted. It makes me feel so enlightened. Its just so silly. As silly as the word silly is. But, you gotta love thaat movie. The last time I watched it was at Leanna's *sp?* with Jessica (my sister). That was the first time I'd seen it on DVD. Thats not as big a deal until you know it was my tenth viewing. :D

That day at Leanna's *sp?*... lol... we also watched August Rush. It was really good. It made me want to go play my banjo and learn the piano better. I wish I had an electric banjo. That would be sooooooooo sick. you know? yeah, this time you do know. Electric banjo would be my instrument of choice right now.

My sister and I both wore Virginia Tech shorts and. BYU shirts to the gym today. It was funny. I was there and dressed first. Thats all I have to say about that...

I think that the BYU football team is going to have a really good season this year. They shouldn't have any problems in conference. The hardest game will be against Utah and its away in Salt Lake, which won't effect the fan base too too much. But it'll be a key game. They also play UCLA soon. What I want is both Utah and UCLA to continue to have great seaons with only a single loss to the cougars. I could see the cougars getting into the top 10 by week 4 if not sooner. I would really like Virginia Tech to get its butt back in gear. lol. but for real, if BYU has no losses this season, they may very well hve a shot at the national champoinship! :D

I miss my roomate... I wish it was burger day with him right this second... mmm... tasty...

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01 September 2008

Its Labour Day!

This song totally got me in college... I hated Utah so much:
Now playing: Four Year Strong - Beatdown In The Key Of Happy
via FoxyTunes *i love this band

Today was the last day at work... sad. I'll really miss some of those kids. I really value some of the relationships I had at work. Tomorrow I start my new pool op/ lifeguarding job. :D

Its goona be great to ge able to work out right before/after work. The gym was closed today... so Ill weigh in tomorrow. K? not that you'd be reading this right now anyway. If this does get read, it'll likely be months after I leave on my mission. I find that although I am apppreciated... no one cares enough about my life to read about it. :D

I cleaned the kitchen this morning. Today after work I had a couple Chic-fil-a chicken tenders. My Dad proudly announced that toady our family had recieved $48 in chicken today! I'm so proud of him. He's planning family events for next year already. I really liked the chic-fil-a sauce and the polonysian sauce among others to dip the chicken in.

All of my siblings will begin school tomorrow, as will the rest of the people in this county. My brother was nervous and couldn't sleep. He asked me if I would turn on Brian Regan for him to fall asleep. That silly kid. I was really greatful for a father's blessing tonight.

I really want my sister to start a blog. She would be such an interesting read.

Today, Jenny and I folded all the netting at the baby pool and we had a dance party too! :D

I can't wait to go on my mission! I recived a caling in my ward. I'm a ward missionary. More to come on how great that is!

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End of Summer

As summer draws to a close... literally now that its September, I wanted to reflect on things that have transpired. My best friend is now out at BYU. He's having a blast. Summer work has expired and I will now be working at an indoor pool until I leave on my mission. I am working on losing weight right now in order to make that happen. I'm gonna weigh in tomorrow so I can let you know where I am. But I have lost about 20lbs already. Its been nice that other people have noticed, but Im still getting used to wearing a suit thats too big for me every Sunday. Sticking it out though. :D

This past week my family left my oldest sister and I home to work while they went camping at Virginia Beach. Needless to say, I enjoyed having no pressured responsibilities. My sister and I hung out at friends houses and had chinese delivered on more then one occasion. Laura had us over to her house for dinner and Brittany made a suprose appearance for a slurpee run. Thanks Brittany! :D

This summer, way earlier. I also went to warped tour with Elizabeth! It was totally awesome. Whats better than an all day concert with lots of my favorite bands?... uh... only a couple things. But it was wonderful to see four year strong again. I also enjoyed we the kings, jack's mannequin, relient k, the higher, oreskaband, and spending time with Elizabeth. We never have done anything together really like ever. But it was really fun. I was right up front for fys. I sang in the mic like 5 times! I also came away with 3 fys guitar picks. and i use them when i play my banjo. which by the way I am improving at drastically. I'm gonna start back on my keyboard soon too... The food at Merriweather wasn't so bad either. I had some nice chicken fingers. I realized I hadn't had chicken fingers in a very long time. Maybe they weren't even great, but the nostalic sensation was so worth it. :D

The highlight of this summer would have to be my double date with Mike. He took Laura and I took Rachel and he took Laura. We ate burritos at Moe's, then plaued a game at Harris Teeter. Unforunately, Rachel and I lost that game. But it was still really fun. We then chose some ice cream (strawberry cheesecake to be exact) and we ate it with chopsticks out at the fountain next ti Trosmo. The ice cream was yummy and the memories were pleasent. Then we went to "the spot" and litened to Rachel's iPod. Of course, I recently had filled it with lots of my favorite music, which made it very enjoyable.

But today's the last day at work. :(
Hopefully it goes by quickly...

05 August 2008


So... I know that no one actually reads this. But I'll tell you this, I got promoted! I'm gonna be a pool operator for the rest of the summer. woot.

Life is so crazy... There are so many people in this world. I know only a small percentage of a fraction of these people. Each person has there own individual lives. Its just mind boggling. And to think that the Earth can support these people. WOW...

Also... I love firefox.

02 May 2008

Since U Been Gone

Hey kiddos. I'm back home in VA! OH, yeah... you know it. So I am missing college life a lot. Its weird to have a ton of people in your life and then the next day you are surrounded by strangers in airports until suddenly all the people in your old life are back. Its like two different worlds and to only things that are the same in both are that I'm there.

So I didn't miss my plane, the second time, and I had a pleasant flight home. All of my siblings and my mother picked me up at the airport.

Since I've been home I've pretty much just been babysitting my siblings. My mom started substitute teaching. I've been really enjoying the Starting Line since I've been back. Yesterday I went to institute and we played basketball and I totally scored 13 points. Yeah, I know I'm awesome.

So hopefully Ill begin working soon. (need a job first though) :D

18 March 2008

Thoughts of the Past Few Days

I love BYU. The best part of this place is the people. Everyone here is just so beautiful. Not in physical attractiveness but in spirit. I love being around so many wonderful people.

I remember back when I was in middle school I had this lamp in my room. It was black and it was tall and it had three lights on it. I remember that it would get really hot and I used to burn myself on it. I'd have to walk by it and I would move it as I went by.

I have really big feet. I wear a size 15 1/2 men's. I remember when I was in middle school and I had size 12 feet. I had these really cool blue shoes with no laces. They were probably my favorite shoes ever.

My favorite color is orange. It used to be blue. Before that it was orange and before that it was white.

I liked my cars. My first car was a blue minivan. It was haunted (but not really), I was just that sometimes when it was really cold and I was turning left, the light would flicker on and off and it would make a binging noise. My other car was a green newer minivan. It ran so smoothly and I had each of the ninja turtles in the glove compartment, err... between the driver and passenger seats.

I have an awesome room mate. We found a secret hideout place that some kids on campus made, they were putting a tire swing in it when we walked by on our way to the creamery for burger day. On Wednesdays we get burgers at the creamery grill. They are really good.

My room mate also introduced me to metal, indie and punk rock. Of everything he's introduced me to, my favorite is this band called Four Year Strong. Its genre is 'Happy Hardcore' and I love it. Some of my other favorite bands are the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Chicago, Debussy, Hellogoodbye, and Metro Station. I also love hip hop, rap, R&B and go go. I don't have any favorite artists though. If I had to pick one I'd say T-Pain.

My pinky finger has green nail polish on it for St. Patrick's Day. Apparently the pope changed it to last Saturday and lots of the world missed it. As Poindexter today, we don't follow the counsels of the pope in more than one case.

When I was back home this past summer, Dork painted my toenails for the Fourth of July. It was cool, it was all red, white and blue and there were stars on my toes.

Miguel and I used to prank Dork all the time. I still say that she was the one that started it. The plunger was what made it official. I wish they had let us take it back all those times that we worked taking it back into the plan.

I've been watching LOST. I hate Analucia's character. My favorite character is John Locke. I like him. That is why he is my favorite.

I think that it's baloney that every snowflake is different. So far the only argument I've heard is that there are 6.4 billion people on the Earth and all of them are different. Well, really, thats nice. But I think there have been 10^10000000 times that many snowflakes on Earth since the beginning of time. Therefore, I say thats bogus.

There are some foods that I really love that I haven't eaten in a long time. i really want some Mexican food. Not the American Mexican food at Taco Bell (although I do like my Taco Bell) but I want some straight up El Charro. I really want some chicken enchiladas. I also want some lasagna. My mom makes this thing called cornbread casserole, its so good, especially with sour cream.

I really miss my dad. He is the only one who truly understands my sense of humor. Its mostly because he has the same one.

25 February 2008


I like men's chorus now. We just started Ave Maria by Franz Biebl and it is definitely one of my favorite songs ever.

17 February 2008

Stilts? yeah.... i went there.

I just decidednot to write a post... I'm gonna go watch the all star game.

16 February 2008

Is today significant?

Hey, readers who don't exist because I don't say anything you'd be interested in...

15 February 2008


hey, so my English class is over, so now I'm just going to post stuff for the heck of it.

This semester has been good to me so far. I'm keeping up in all of my classes and it just feels easier. I wish I could say I have a favorite class though. As much as I like all of my classes, there is at least one thing I can't stand about it.

Mostly though is choir. I can't stand my choir. All of the music we sing is so easy. Honestly I have memorized like all of our songs after singing them twice. I remember in high school when we would do ridiculously hard music. I remember feeling the stress of singing it right. I used to think, why don't we just do simple music and do it really well. Now I know why we didn't... because its totally boring and it just sucks overall.

I am going to buy a G-Unit hoodie. It's orange, thats my favorite color. Oh, and remind me to talk about an awesome date that I went on... thanks self.

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